We’re hiking the Kungsleden Trail in Sweden!


The King’s Trail

The Kungsleden trail is both one of Europe’s most remote, and Sweden’s most famous, taking you through spectacular areas of the Swedish Lapland mountain landscape. At a knee-jarring 440-km long, much of the Kungsleden lies above the Arctic Circle. The most popular section lies between the villages of Abisko and Nikkaluokta (where we’re hiking!), with many hikers also opting to summit Sweden’s highest peak, Kebnekaise (2,117 metres) as part of a week-long route.


Happy Christmas / 10yr anni / 3yr anni

At the end of August — early September, the summer weather is still nice and the mosquitos have gone. So we’re going for a long Labor Day week of hiking and exploring the remote Swedish wilderness. We might even see reindeer.