P.J. Clarke's

Refocusing a surviving institution for today’s landscape.

Art Direction


An Institution

P.J. Clarke’s is one of New York’s oldest bars and has worked hard to preserve the timeless charm that has made it an institution. Having grown to six locations worldwide, we brought cohesion to their brand and refocused their advertising strategy, highlighting what has always made P.J.’s great — the atmosphere, the history, and the food.


Press Book

As a part of the collateral update, I designed a press book to tell the story of P.J. Clarke’s. It details the bar’s personality today, how it survived a Depression, two World Wars, and Prohibition, and the famous faces that have called it home along the way.



This storytelling extends to the website as well. We wanted to tell each location’s individual story, while also preserving the legends that transcend any one location. Each location essentially has its own site-within-a-site, to focus on its individual history and personality, while the home page leads users into the broader stories of P.J. Clarke’s as a whole.