Florida Cookery

Highlighting local Floridian cuisine for a modern restaurant with a strong family history.

Art Direction
Information Architecture
UX Design


The Foundation

Florida Cookery is a Miami restaurant created by chef Kris Wessel as “a love letter to the state of Florida.” His personal connection to the area and the local food was the basis for the restaurant’s branding, and inspired a hand crafted approach for all of the materials. We used the chef’s own family photos, watercolor sketches of local ingredients, and handwritten notes and recipes throughout the materials to infuse them with a sense of personality and family history.


The Website

The website also needed to exude the handmade appeal of the printed materials. I created a structure and design that could be templated, yet retained the loose, layered feel of the brand. I also designed a mobile version of the website that would quickly bring users to the information they need when planning a meal at Florida Cookery.