Denihan Hospitality Group is an owner and operator of boutique hotels, including The Benjamin. With a longstanding family history in hospitality, Denihan maintains a selection of hotels – each with its own personality and clientele, but all rooted in the same values. Because they had been focusing on the individual hotel brands, the value was in the hotels, rather than in the Denihan name. Our focus was on updating the Denihan brand, and finding a way to connect the values of their well-known hotels back to the parent company.

We updated their corporate collateral to reflect the hierarchy of Denihan and its individual hotel brands, with the intention that the individual hotel logos could be removed once Denihan had gained enough recognition to stand on its own. We also created an endorsement mark, which appears on all hotel promotional materials, to credit those values back to the “Denihan Collection.”

Art Direction
Completed at Love and War