Bespoke Post Packaging

Communicating a new brand identity and elevated value of our subscription while scaling and streamlining our design process.

Art Direction


Implementing a New Brand

Following a strategic rebrand, the main goals of our packaging redesign effort were to build a stronger relationship with subscribers, communicate the value of the products, and bring consistency and excitement to the unboxing experience. This process also necessitated a delicate balancing act with our operations team to ensure all changes would work with our current warehouse and packing systems.


Lifting the Lid

Building a relationship with our customers starts right inside the box, with our tagline and contact info reinforcing the brand promise and the support we provide. Each box’s narrative continues with an insert card inside, reminding the customer of the thoughtfully curated experience within, and providing useful context, instructions, or related tips. Custom corrugated inserts keep products organized and prevent breakage, while luxe cotton bags protect leather goods and corral loose items.


Balancing Operational Constraints

The packaging strategy necessitated careful consideration of our existing warehouse operations, and how we could improved processes with the design changes we implemented. Corrugated inserts have reduced fulfillment costs as well as breakage in transit, while increasing the proportion of recyclable material used. And with a scalable design system, we’ve launched women’s boxes for holidays and paper envelopes for clothing and soft goods.



After a successful rollout of the new packaging system, 100,000+ subscribers experience an elevated unboxing experience, balancing a reinforced brand system with engaging narratives. With a streamlined insert card design system, our creative team is able to produce 3x the volume of assets, and our packaging engineering improvements are successfully balancing a premium unboxing experience, safely delivered goods, all within strategically considered budget constraints.