Art and Soul

Art and Soul is a Washington, DC restaurant started by celebrity chef Art Smith. They serve farm-to-table southern food, but the interior design and branding felt more like the swanky hotel it is attached to than its own authentic dining experience.

Our approach for Art and Soul centered around vintage objects – food related and otherwise – pristinely photographed to elevate them to museum-quality status. Coupled with new interior design, the updated collateral brought together the status of the DC business clientele with the restaurant’s southern roots.  

Because the menu is seasonal and ever-changing, they needed a system that they would be able to update in house. I created a series of pre-printed backgrounds, which they could run through their printer to add menu text on the fly.

Art Direction
Information Architecture
User Experience Design
Prop Styling

Completed at Love and War


I wanted the website to bring the user into the experience of eating at Art and Soul. They value creating a community around food, and regularly host family-style dinners, so I art directed a lifestyle photo shoot that would reflect that setting. Since the website design needed to remain very templated, I focused on this photography to bring the restaurant to life.